Bentoel Indonesia, one of the leading tobacco companies in the region, was a McCann client. One of their brands Star Mild was Number 5 in the market. They had an ongoing strategy of ‘obsession’ but were creating commercials and other creative which was dramatic, surreal and serious. After many, many discussions I convinced them that being a light cigarette they need to do advertising that was light without letting go of the core strategy of ‘obsession’.

They agreed and we did multiple commercials with the new approach. Within a year they came to the Number 2 position in the market. The humor worked wonderfully and the campaign was so successful that it didn’t change for many years, just multiple executions of the same idea were added, (some have been showcased here). The original commercial was so iconic that they even did a parody on it.

The old campaign

Launch campaign done by me with change in strategy and creative

The parody

Some ads from the continuing campaign.