Pepsi had launched a new brand called Pepsi Gold for the world cup in 2007. Numerous TVC’s were done with the players like Rahul Dravid, Sachin Tendulkar, Saurav Ganguly featuring in a follow up to the world cup. These commercials were to give hope to millions of cricket fans that India would win the world cup. A lot of hype was created and a lot of media spends were invested to run the campaign apart from the manufacturing of the new variant. Fans loved the commercials and the variant. India was out in the second round. Result?

Fans were pissed. The press, social media had fuming fans blaming the cricketers for doing Pepsi ads and not playing cricket. The ads had backfired. This was not only affecting the brand’s image but also affecting sales. But I had a solution that would save the day. Within four days a new commercial was done and released. It worked like magic. Not only did it tickle the fans with the humor but it saved the tarnished brand image of Pepsi. Pepsi was back in the game even if the Indian cricket team was not. I got a personal congratulatory letter from the global marketing head of Pepsi.