It took a lot of patience, listening and solving the Nescafe client’s issues to regain confidence in the agency again. The client was not at all happy with the work, he was Swiss. His view was the kind of work McCann had done had no connect with the consumer. It took a lot of effort (on my part as ECD), and some great ideas to convince the client that McCann was capable of creating brand transforming work while personally smoothening the relationship with the entire Nescafe team.

Not only did they create new work on the existing brands but awarded the agency a new brand to launch, Nescafe 3-in-I coffee, and the campaign did superbly well. This again was a transformation as it increased the billing of one of McCann’s key clients by improving relationships and creating great work.

Launch of 3-in-1 coffee

They wanted to take the brand into a mass space as it was priced lower and we did so very successfully by taking it to street side restaurants called ‘warungs’ to aim it at SECB and SECC consumers. It showed the ease at which you could make it, the pricing and especially the taste.