Enabling sales? There are many ways. A few shown here.

There were many testimonials done. Below are a few more of satisfied customers. One shows two generations of IFB users in Kerala. Another shows a satisfied Dishwasher customer and her house help issues solved. Another is from a series of 15 years old plus machines which are still working.

IFB was only using BTL, like POS during festivals. A marketing guy from Kolkata and many others suggested we create videos for festivals. We used stock footage to create the videos and they were a big hit on social media.

Caterers – Industrial washing machines was a hard sell. As they were very expensive. But we found through research that we had a market with caterers. So we filmed some of them and then took the content across India to successfully increase sales among caterers.

Many marketing initiatives were introduced by us. Here is a glimpse of some of them.

We created short films like an 80”s style soap opera using our brand ambassador and her European husband and friends. These were favorites of many employees at IFB. Also worked well for consumers.