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Research findings used to synergize training and advertising content.

Strategy and Creative approach

The extensive research gave us multiple insights on which consumer facing issues needed to be addressed and how to integrate advertising content and sales training. 'Consumers see us an international company because of our previous Bosch connection, build on it,' instructed senior management. 'Create an international and premium brand image.' So, why not use an American primary school teacher living in Goa as the brand ambassador who has never been in front of a camera before? (If I hadn’t told you, you would have never have guessed.)

With the advertising content, the strategy was to target only the existing satisfied customer base of 4 million on social media. They were satisfied with the brand so make them buy other categories. We also made it an SOP for all employees especially retail, including dealers and franchisees to share videos with customers on whatsapp and show them directly on their phones at the shop floors. Gave us organic engagement. Here, in short edited videos you will see the way we integrated research findings into consumer facing and training content for all product categories. The strategy, scripting, production and post production has entirely been done by our teams in collaboration with marketing and L&D.

Some integrations

Conversation with a real customer inspires a brand film.

A brilliant training role play. An insightful advertising film.

A real satisfied customer’s endorsement is very useful. Especially if she is a millionaire.

An insight from the field integrated into training and advertising content.

Needed higher awareness for an ignored category. Got high engagement on social media.

A CSR issue helps create a new training model for all categories. RnD gives us an idea for content.

A franchisee gives a suggestion. Turns into an SOP.

Liquid detergents work better than powder detergents. IFB Dairies. Short films around products. And another idea to sell. There are more IFB Dairies on this site if you would like to watch more product integrations into advertising seamlessly.

How to spread content organically and create a new retail avenue? Ask a CSR.

Through research we found really small restaurants buying Industrial Dishwashers. Sales teams showed this to the big guys. Sales went up.

Maximum Dryer sales during monsoons. A sales rep shows how to sell it all year. Sales improve.

A sales rep tells us how he pitches AC’s. Another gives us a creative idea. A zero cost video follows.

More Integrations

Two cooks cook in a pan. Two in a microwave. The executive chef and GM’s of Radisson Goa judge the contest.

Spice Secrets taught people to cook various recipes in a microwave. Let’s make Microwave Modaks.

My husband can cook in a microwave. Lucky me.

IFB microwaves used 90% less oil in the cooking. So we used one drop of oil.

Ceramic versus steel cavity of a microwave. Nice training pitch. Great advertising execution at zero cost.

Water consumption is a major problem in India. We created very effective content to address this issue and integrated it in training.

We also addressed the hygiene issue of house help in training content without actually referring to them in consumer-facing content in a clever way since IFB did not want to offend them in any way.

Experiments with laundry care products became a campaign.

IFB also had a range of kitchen cleaning products. The training explained it and so did short videos using computer animation and stock footage.

IFB had a new machine technology called Cradle Wash. The trainers and the video did a good job of bringing it to life. This was the brand ambassador’s first film.

There was a training tool used to explain the products and how to market them. This video shows the tool and also how we integrated the short format films for a patented technology.

Another key advantage IFB had was they gave a 4 year warranty on their machines. We used this in long format and short format videos.

A sales rep spoke about the healthy air of an IFB AC due to a certain technology. Another sales rep gave us an idea on how to create consumer facing content around it.

To explain the technology of six stage filtration in an IFB AC, we also created short format videos and created an SOP for retail associates to show the technology to customers.

We further explained this technology with other examples using stock and animation for digital media and the trainers did a great job of explaining in the training video.

Another explanation of the technology using stock and computer animation effectively.