Marketing and advertising ideas injected into sales training.

The research gave us insights and ideas on how to create unique training models (as we had understood the culture of the company and core issues on all product categories). We introduced advertising and marketing ideas into the video training content (which you will see below in a quick glimpse of one of the long format video for the detergent category). You will also see a film created to communicate this.

They invested heavily in these training programs as they believed offline retail was very important to them for growth especially in tier two and three towns. The sales teams who had a personal interaction with customers not only influenced CX levels, but they had to be really convincing to sell high ticket products. And they became super salesmen after this exercise. The most fascinating part of this for me was how non actors suddenly came to love the camera as all the videos used only employees as you will see here in videos titled 'Training compile.'

Long format training video glimpse- Detergents

Long format training video glimpse- Microwaves

Training compile

Training compile